Boulanger & Patissiere: Bratislava’s Macaron Masterclass

I’ve always liked the look of a dainty, brightly coloured, meringue macaron. You know, the ones that you see piled delicately on silver platters in fancy cake shops? They look exquisite, but as I’m more of a cheesecake girl I’d never eaten one until a friend signed up to a macaron cooking class in Bratislava recently. Unable to resist, I went along too. Could the humble macaron win me over?

Making Macarons is Easy When You Know How

macaron ingredientsFrench pastry chef, Tanya Novak, runs the classes from a state-of-the-art kitchen that caters for 8 sugar-loving students at a time. Tanya runs the classes in English and draws an international crowd. Our course had students from England, Wales, Italy and Poland, and it was great to chat over hot coffee and pastries which Tanya had prepared beforehand. Tanya piping macarons

The course is fully hands on. After a short demonstration by Tanya, it was time to get out the ingredients, weighing scales, and KitchenAid mixers. I don’t bake often, but we worked in pairs, and—being a small class—Tanya works closely with every pair. Before long, we were beating eggs, boiling sugar, whipping up almond paste, and perfecting our piping technique. boiling sugar

Macaron mixtureBusy kitchen = happy kitchenmacarons ready for the ovenFour hours passed quickly amongst lively chatter and the delicious smell of freshly baked macarons. Each pair made a different colour shell with a compatible flavour: we had yellow cases with banana filling, orange with passion fruit filling, white with vanilla caramel filling, and pink with a tangy raspberry filling. Most people liked the passion fruit flavour most, but I really loved the vanilla caramel ones. Macaron fillings

At the end of the session we were each given macaron trays and a large box to take a selection of macarons home with us. We could also take away any leftover pastries from morning break, so I got a couple of yummy choux–pastry cream buns. Watch my snapchat story of the cooking class here.

How to Attend a Macaron Masterclass

Tanya runs the classes regularly at a cost of €30 per person. Considering the level of expertise, quality ingredients, and amount of macarons you take home this is a great price! She also runs other classes, which I hope to attend once the sugar rush of the macarons has worn off. You can sign up to her upcoming classes on her Facebook page here.

As for me, the pretty little macaron won me over. I am not quite brave enough to try making them alone in my own kitchen yet, but who knows? Tanya might make a pastry chef of me one day!

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If you are a sugar-lover in Bratislava with a few hours to spare then I really recommend attending Tanya’s class. If you’re not around, please share this post with any sugar-loving, travelling friends who might be passing this way soon.

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  1. posted by
    Katie Ackerley
    Mar 25, 2017 Reply

    This looks like so much fun! I’d love to learn how to make proper macarons. Thanks for the tip!

  2. posted by
    Mar 25, 2017 Reply

    Your macarons look so delicious! When I studied abroad in France, I ate a lot of macarons. Your photos are making me miss them! 😀

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