Who Is Runaway Brit?


Chilling out at a bar in Slovenia last summer. I am chubbier with more wrinkles without the flattering B/W filter.

What do you want to know?

High school teacher, traveller, immigrant – I could say ‘expat’ but, really, who are we kidding? – cake lover, terrible blogger.

Maybe I’m in one of those moods today, but I decided to change my ‘About’ page because it was full of the usual ‘If I can travel, you can too‘ cliches, which, frankly, I’m kinda bored with.

Mainly because that’s not often true.

I have been lucky to travel the way that I do. Yes, I overcame a mountain of debt before I started to roam the world – but I have one of the best passports in the world for travel, have a job that allows me to work anywhere I want, and have been ,thus far, healthy enough to wander freely. I do not have any children to worry about or save for.

I would love to offer advice on how to travel on $5 a day, but in all honesty, I spend over $5 on cake most days.

I can’t give you advice on packing light because my luggage is full of cosmetics, heavy-duty support bras, and hair straighteners; there’s no string bikini or strappy sundresses in my bag. Mother Nature isn’t kind after 30, girls!

If you want a professional travel blog with expert advice then you won’t find it here. I’m a terrible blogger. I don’t receive 3000 emails a day from keen readers pleading for my advice – in fact I receive so few emails that they get lost amongst all the spam that comes with a Yahoo email address. See, I’m so terrible that I still use a Yahoo email address. I still have no idea what SEO means or what it does. That’s probably why I don’t get any emails.

RunawayBrit is a document of my life since I left the UK in 2007. Where I’ve been, what I’ve done. I might get parts of it published into a coffee table book for when I’m too tired to travel anymore. I would be truly honoured if you want to come along and read some of my posts, but I honestly won’t be offended if you would rather read ‘The 10 Best Party Beaches Of All Time – Like, Ever‘ posts a blog that is deemed far more successful than mine is :-)

As I’m currently living in Mumbai, India I suspect my blog will now mainly be about India for a few years.

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