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Yay! It's the Union Jack!

This year I will have been an expat for 7 years, 8 if you count a previous year spent in Japan. I left the UK on July 27th, 2007, and moved to Vietnam. Since then I have also lived in

A day out dog-sledding was a highlight of my trip to Swedish Lapland.

A memorable journey is often more about the people you meet than the things you see, and when I went dogsledding with Arctic Husky Adventures in Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland, last week I met quite possibly the most welcoming people I …

Enjoying the sun in Istanbul

The title of the post got your attention, huh?

Yes, I have a friend with benefits in Istanbul, but not the kind of benefits you might be thinking. You see, my friend Alex works in Istanbul, and as Istanbul is …

Birthday Girls. Me and my Nana

Today is my birthday.

It is not a significant birthday, the last one of those was three years ago, and the next one is still way off in the future—although we all know that the next significant birthday is …

midsummer garland

“Why, this is very midsummer madness! “ (Twelfth Night)

Child helping to decorate the maypole

Not so long ago Sweden was celebrating Valborg to welcome in the spring but it seems that Valborg is only the warm-up act to the …


On the evening of March 15th 2007 I sat in a small bar in Northampton confessing to a friend of mine that I was struggling with debt. I didn’t know how I had reached that stage but all …