On this page I will update our plans for our journey. Nothing has been decided yet so it will be updated as things progress.

Date of departure: August 31st 2011 London Gatwick – Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Tell employer of plans to leave
  • Read loads of travel blogs for tips and advice
  • Book first flight
  • Buy tickets to Rock in Rio
  • Reach target savings
  • Diet
  • Renew passport
  • Pay off remainder of student loan
  • Apply for credit card
  • Find out how to use phone abroad, is it best to buy local SIM cards?


  1. says:

    Nice plan. 🙂 Uruguay!!! Exciting stuff!!! Can’t wait to read about your new adventure.

    I buy local SIM cards when I’m abroad, but I also take my Australian phone + SIM (which is on a contract) incase of emergencies.
    Nicole recently posted..Travel Bug Tuesday – ‘Free Derry’My Profile

  2. says:

    You’re going to Rock in Rio too!!!! Many years ago, when my boys were still home, and I had MTV they broadcast the whole event. I don’t know if they still do (it’s changed now anyway) and it was phenomenal. I lusted to see it! Not only artists from your generation but from mine too, you see. Enjoy!

    Yes, local SIM cards are best, but your phone needs to be “liberated” or “jailbroken” I know those terms are Spanish and American and I forget what they call it in UK.
    Linda recently posted..Farewell to AugustMy Profile

    1. I’m not sure if we’ll get to Rock in Rio now, the tickets are €80 a day and to see all the acts we want to see we would have to go for 4 days but the event has a 7-day break in the middle which we’d have to hang around in Rio for. We have been told that most accommodation in the city doubles or even triples in that time. We decided that it was not worth over a month’s budget. I am disappointed though, would have loved to se Shakira!

  3. vageesh says:

    Hey Brit,
    i seriously have no idea how would u manage to travel so much, and how do u make money for the expenses?, please give me some tips lol. i am from india living in mumbai right now its been my dream to travel across the world but not sure how to start, i would appreciate if u can give me some ideas that can be applied.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I have had to work hard to pay for the travelling I have done and I mainly work overseas rather than travel, that way I can travel at weekends and holidays. I am lucky because I am a trained English teacher which is advantageous for working in many countries around the world. The best advice I can give for anybody wanting to travel is to look out for the cheapest deals throughout the year, especially on budget airlines like AirAsia, who I believe are opening more routes from India to SE Asia at the moment. Good Luck!

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