Rather than flowing over the top of the British Isles as usual, the Jet Stream’s current positioning to the South has brought the rainiest summer that the United Kingdom has had in decades (and let’s face it we normally get quite a bit), and I am frequently reading a stream of distressed, weather-related Facebook updates from the sunny comfort of my Swedish wooden cabin. Comments such as, “We’re going to take the kids to school in a boat today!”, “When will it stop raining?”, and “Will we ever get a summer again?” .

Until finally this week when the tide turned. Or rather, the jet stream shifted and the British Isles finally saw some decent weather.

As my visit to Wales coordinated perfectly with this turn of fortune, I have been lucky to see Britain at its very best; and despite Wales’ long-standing reputation for being wet and miserable, in reality it harbours some of the most dramatic and beautiful scenery in Britain.

Here are my TOP FIVE reasons to visit Wales.

Dramatic Coastline  

Rock formations on the South Coast

Wales may not have pristine white sands, or turquoise waters; but the beauty of the coast comes from the undulating hills, high cliffs, caves, and rugged rocks. Even the steely gray water churning as it makes its tumultuous journey towards the shore is magnificent.

Green Hills 

Welsh countryside

William Blake may have extolled the virtues of ‘England’s green and pleasant land’ in the poem Jerusalem, but Wales is, in fact, just as green and pleasant. One of my favourite things about flying home is looking down out from the plane window at how colourful Britain is. There really is nowhere else quite like it.

Ancient Castles 

Ruins of a Welsh Castle

You can’t go far in Wales without coming across a castle of some kind. Some are still intact, while others crumble over time like this ruined Norman castle at Ogmore in South Wales.

Cottages and Stone Walls 

Whitewashed stone cottages

I am always amazed by British stone walls, and by how the builders can take stones of different shapes and sizes, and fashion them into straight lines – sometimes without the use of anything to bond the stones together (although there is in the picture above). I have never seen walls like this anywhere else in the world, but they are everywhere in Wales.

 Beautiful Beaches 

Cool and rainy Welsh summers are not alluring for people looking for a beach holiday, but Wales still has some gorgeous beaches for those rare sunny days. Rocks, shingle, and cold water might be off-putting for some, but that’s what makes a Welsh beach so interesting. Not to mention the rock pools where you can observe all manner of sea-life up close.

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