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To The Majestic Himalayan Kingdom Ladakh And Back

Trekking in Ladakh is an experience which cannot be penned down in a few words, because you have got to be there to know what I am talking about. It is a journey which could be at best described as being transported to another planet altogether. Leh and Ladakh are places situated happily in the belly of the Himalayan kingdom and with a crispy cool climate to its name; the state attracts tourists from all across the globe. It is surely a welcome respite especially from the noise of the city, the traffic and the unpleasant heat faced by us everyday.

From the clouds you descend into paradise

Stok Kangri

As a three year old would be I was that excited when my flight was touching down at Leh. As my flight approached the great paradise, I was greeted with the magnificent and very spectacular sights of the stupas and terrains. I couldn’t wait to get off the flight and go venturing in this cold desert of the north, as fondly known to many across the world. The flight circled around a little and then I finally saw the landing strip come forth beneath, which made my heartbeat skip and race with excitement. The flight was in the morning and I got to know no flights take off or land during the afternoons at Leh because of the heavy strong winds that blow, considering it is one of the highest landing strips in the world. Lucky for me, my flight wasn’t cancelled or turned back and I could now go on with my dream of trekking in Ladakh.

Ladakh is situated at a very high altitude of 3505m, and I would suggest, once you land in this beautiful place, you should head straight to your hotel and relax for the first day. Take it easy since Ladakh has plenty to offer and show you in the coming days ahead so don’t jump and run out only to tire yourself on day one.

Wow I am in Ladakh

That was the first thought that hit my head when I finished breakfast at the homely lodge I stayed in. from the lodge I could see the snow capped peaks beckoning and calling for my attention. Although most come to experience this place just for two to three months in a year, trust me when I say Ladakh is prepared to keep you for longer. Testimony to that fact would be the number of guesthouses, hotels, local eateries etc which have mushroomed all over this sanctified place, and if you are in the mood to shop around, the bazaars and flea markets are filled with souvenir and curio delights, ranging from Jamawars to Pashmina Shawls and even exotic Tibetan jewelry as well.

Trekking in Ladakh

Chadar Trek

This place is like the Mecca for trekkers but carry your trekking shoes and sunscreen and some warm clothes as well. The local guides would love to be with you to show you around and trek with you as well. even when you walk down the rugged streets of Ladakh, you would find colorful flag strips denoting Buddhists prayers, old men sitting at the tea stalls sipping chai  and even young kids running up to you to shake hands with you and greet you. Never a moment in Ladakh would you feel left out and lonely.

While Ladakh trekking is on

When you start trekking and venturing out, you feel a sense of solitude mixed with the ambience. I ditched my iPod at the hotel room because the scenery around I felt had its own rhythm and music. And as I was trekking across the valleys and gorges with the help of other trekkers and guides, I noticed small hamlets, villages and groups of herdsmen flocking their animals. I couldn’t stop clicking and at times would halt to have a word or two with the old grandmothers who sat knitting the famous woolens ready to be sold or exported. The monasteries were a different experience altogether, just sitting in one of the sanctum sanctorums made me forget all the hassles and worries of my city life. The chants that fill the evening air as you head back to your lodge gives you a feeling of peace and calm.

And as you retire for the night, the memorable scenic views, the smiles on the faces of local children and elderly folks or even the music of the natural beauty around fills you with sweet memories and sweeter dreams. Come to Ladakh folks, experience all of this and know what I am talking of.

Lamayuru Monastery

About Author: Divij Pasrija is an adventurer, a budding photographer and a writer. He has been to various trekking trails and to many offbeat destinations in India. He has been writing since he was 12. Currently, he writes articles on travel for

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