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Flowers: the Music of the Ground

What a great theme #FriFotos has chosen this week for who doesn’t love FLOWERS?

Flowers are the first welcome sign of spring following a hard winter and can brighten even the dullest of days. They have been written about by the greatest of poets around the world, and what better gift than a beautiful bouquet from your beloved to cheer the soul?

Here are some of my favourite flower photos:

Spring flowers, Sweden

What a welcome sight

The winter of 2010/11 was a long, cold and hard one with almost 7 months of snow cover, so when the snow finally melted and the flowers broke through the hardened ground we were all very pleased to see them!

Christmas flower lights, Colombia

Flowers of Medellin

The christmas lights of Medellin are something to behold, and this display of hippie flowers was one of my favourites.

Flowers in the Teide National Park, Tenerife

In the shadow of a volcano

Nestling amongst the lava flows of Mt Teide, these flowers are a welcome respite within a barren wilderness.

Mountain Heather, Wales

A green and pleasant land, with a splash of purple

Britain might not get very good weather, but if it didn’t get the rain that it’s so famous for, it wouldn’t have the beautiful colours either!

Daisy, Sweden

The 'Poet's Darling'

William Wordsworth called the daisy, ‘the poet’s darling’, Sweden makes it easy to see why.

Flowers of Remembrance, Thailand

Lest We Forget

Ever since poppies grew across World War battlefields, the humble poppy has been synonymous with remembering the casualties of war. This poppy has been placed in a crevice of Hellfire Pass, Thailand.

Banana Flowers, Tenerife

Who knew that bananas could be so beautiful?

Tenerife is home to many banana plantations and a tour around one of them is a worthwhile experience. See how colourful the banana plant is?

Flower Power, Vietnam

Hippie Party

The sixties was a decade that knew how to celebrate flowers, so I took the opportunity to get a gorgeous brown, pink and orange sixties-inspired dress for my flower-themed birthday party in Vietnam.

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