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Wimbledon – A British Institution

It’s already well into the swing of tennis season and the next tournament on the agenda is, of course, Wimbledon. Even though the UK has not enjoyed much success on the hallowed turf of SW19 in recent years, it is still the sporting event that Brits are the most proud of. There is just something about Wimbledon: from Pimms and Strawberries, to rowdy crowds supporting the home talent on Henman Hill, Wimbledon epitomises the British summer. What other event prompts hoardes of people from all around the world to camp outside all night just to procure a basic ground pass?

Summer strawberries are to die for! (image: Tamburix)

One of the best things about Wimbledon is the obvious camaraderie amongst the crowd, people who have camped out overnight together and wait out regular rain showers together. No, even the omnipresent British rain can’t dampen the mood at Wimbledon! I love watching the audience with their painted faces and patriotic flag-waving during matches, I love the way they rowdily cheer a well-played point, yet remain stoically silent during play. Tennis is a refined sport; no hooligans here (although that may change if a Brit ever manages to do well!).  At Wimbledon you’ll find champagne rather than beer and polite clapping compared to trumpeting vuvuzelas. Look around the crowd and you’ll see kids, students, young couples, families, the elderly, male and female, the rich and the famous – it really is a great day out regardless of age, gender, class or wealth.

And then there’s the tennis! Two weeks of the sport’s best players battling it out on the world’s most famous stage. Such power, such passion, such perseverance! Even if you are not a fan of tennis you have to admire the skill, endurance and fitness of these players as matches can often last over four hours.

The Williams sisters on Court Two

Unfortunately, I am unable to go this year- much as I’d love to but I’m hoping to find some coverage over here in Sweden.  In the meantime, here are some of my favourite photos from my day at Wimbledon in 2009.

Another ace from Serena?
Tommy Haas is victorious over Novak Djokovic
The end of a long five-set match
Lleyton Hewitt
Andy Roddick
John McEnroe and Pat Cash in the commentary box
Crowds cheering Andy Murray on Henman Hill
Dressed to impress for a day at Wimbledon!

Have you been to Wimbledon? Did you camp overnight to get there? Who did you see? Share your stories!!

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  1. says:

    Wooo Andy Murray! I met (by met I mean walk past) him once when he was using the Universities tennis facilities in Stirling, since he lives just down the road in Dunblane.

    I was more surprised that I knew who he was since I am not a big tennis fan.

  2. says:

    Wimbledon is a welcome taster to me while the football season is over. Them dudes who played for a record 7 hours last time….

    they just drew each other again 🙂

    1. Ha ha! Hopefully it won’t be another marathon match for them!

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