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Finally, a beach! Hostel Adria in Split

After our brief and not particularly enjoyable stay in Dubrovnik, we travelled to Split. Currently there is no train that connects Dubrovnik with Split, so less than 24 hours after arriving we found ourselves back in Dubrovnik bus station buying our onward travel tickets.

Looking on Hostel World the day before we had decided that we didn’t want a party hostel in the centre of town—we wanted peace and quiet. We wanted to sit in the sun and read books. I wanted to blog as I hadn’t written about anything I had done in the past 4 weeks. Hostel Adria checked all the boxes. We were sold when we read the description of an outdoor terrace leading directly to the Adriatic.

The Adriatic from the terrace.
The Adriatic from the terrace.

We were apprehensive when we were told that we would need to take a local bus for 30 minutes to find the hostel in an area called Bajnice, especially as the bus seemed to be heading into residential estates for the first part of the journey. But our fears abated when the bus finally turned out of the city and started coasting alongside an azure blue coastline. Despite vague instructions we somehow found the right bus-stop, but were once again hit by the curse of Croatia’s crazy numbering system when number 58, the address we were looking for, was found next to number 35.

Once again arriving sweaty and unhappy after walking with our bags, we found ourselves embraced by a happy band of backpackers hailing from Sweden, Finland, England, and the US. We joined them immediately to drink wine on the terrace and spent the evening gazing at the Adriatic.

View from Hotel Adria
View from Hostel Adria

I could finally feel the frustrations of Dubrovnik washing off me.

Bajnice is small, very small.

The nearest ATM is 7 stops away on a bus. The nearest supermarket is the size of my lounge. There is a restaurant 20 minutes walk away. But the sea is right on the doorstep, and it was just what we needed. Immediately we extended our stay to 3 nights.

Beautiful tranquil waters
Beautiful tranquil waters

We spent most of the next two days lazing on sun loungers, swimming in the sea, and reading books. We finally got around to doing some laundry. I wrote 4 blog posts. We spoke with other travellers, ate fresh fruit, and cooked for ourselves for the first time on the trip. And as traditional Croatian food continued to elude us,  we didn’t feel bad about making simple pasta dishes and salads.

It was the perfect remedy for travel burnout. 

Chilling out by the boats
Chilling out by the boats

Have you ever found a good solution for travel burnout? Where did you go and what did you do?

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    I love the last two pictures – the water looks beautiful
    Denise recently posted..Kyoto deserves a million postsMy Profile

    1. Thank you. The water is really beautiful in the Adriatic!

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