Europe Travel: Eight Lakes in Six Days

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big fat pussy lesbian “What do you want to see on our trip around Europe?” I asked my friend. “Mountains, lakes, or beaches” came the reply. Lakes, it is then. Because Europe is so compact, one of the best things about travelling around the …

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Around the World in 26 Letters: My Travel Alphabet

women hd porn I’ve been travelling the world, on-and-off, for almost 16 years—ever since an adventurous 4 week train journey took me through Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic into Romania back in the days when they each had separate currencies. …

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10 Foods To Try in Europe

Warning: This post will make you hungry!

I had not been travelling for long before I realised that my trip would become a culinary tour of Europe, devoted mainly to trying different, and amazing, new foods—even more so than experiencing …

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Couchsurfing in Vienna

It all started with a status that I put up on the Runaway Brit Facebook page.

“Couchsurfing: Yes or No?” 

Before long I had received 31 comments, by far the most comments I have ever received on one status. I …

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