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5 Reasons to Ride a Segway around Prague

Hands up if you think that Segway tours are a bit lame.

I’ll admit that I have always been judgemental of people who take Segway tours, so when my friend suggested that we take one around Prague I was apprehensive to say the least. Just the thought of following a line of other tourists around a busy city on one of those ridiculous-looking machines made me cringe, but being short of time—and running out of reasons to protest—I found myself signing up for a 2 hour tour.

Nervous smiles before trying out a Segway
Nervous smiles before trying out a Segway

You don’t need previous experience to ride a Segway because they are really simple (at least that’s what I was told), and, to my delight, I discovered that this is true. Manoeuvring a Segway is all about balance: lean forward to move off, lean left or right to turn, and lean back to slow down or stop—it really is that simple, and after only a few minutes of practise we were ready to explore Prague.

My verdict? I had a blast. It was easily one of the most fun ways I have ever seen a city. No doubt this confession will incur the ridicule of the ‘real’ traveller crowd, but who cares?

So, if you are still in any doubt about signing up for a Segway tour around a city like Prague let me convince you with 5 reasons why you absolutely should.

Speedy Way to See the City

Prague’s Old Town is not very big, but walking around it would take most of a morning (if not a whole day). On a Segway, however, two hours was plenty of time to see all the main sights. We rode along the Charles Bridge, up to the Castle, past the Lennon Wall and zipped alongside the Astronomical Clock. As we came back along the bridge we were faced with heavy storm clouds flashing with lightning—a storm was approaching. Thankfully, our speedy Segways got us back to the Town Centre before the rains came.

We got inside before the rain started.
We got inside before the rain started.

Guided Tour of Landmarks

As we headed around the city our guide told us about each sight that we stopped at. One of my favourites was this statue outside the Franz Kafka Museum. It is a Nazi Soldier and a Soviet Soldier urinating upon a map of the Czech Republic, demonstrating the troubles that have blighted a country caught between two super-powers.

I’m not usually one for taking guided tours, but each stop was short enough to keep my interest.


Pedestrians move out of your way

Have you ever walked through a crowded European square in a popular tourist destination in the height of the season? It gets pretty busy. No problem on a Segway as everybody hops out of your way as soon as they see you coming.

Prague's town square is easily accessible on a Segway
Prague’s town square is easily accessible on a Segway

Takes the Hassle Out of the Hills

Some of Prague is pretty steep, especially up around the castle, and we passed a number of tourists huffing as they climbed. I must admit that I was feeling very smug as I whizzed past them.

Prague by Segway. The coolest way to see the city!
Violent sculptures guarding the castle.

It’s Cool

Okay, I admit that 4 tourists wearing lime green crash helmets and following each other in a line is not particularly cool, but the Segway machine itself is totally cool. Next time I see a group of tourists riding around the city on Segways, rather than judge them I will be envious of all the fun that I know they are having!


Have you ever taken a Segway tour? What are your thoughts?

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  1. larissa says:

    This is so funny, my thoughts exactly on riding a segway but your five reasons are definitely making me reconsider my previous judgement of being dorky in a segway! Thanks so much for sharing!

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