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The Street Art of Barrio BellaVista, Santiago

The most striking thing about South American cities is the use of the  bright paint and exciting street art that adorns delapidated buildings, shacks and street corners, transforming an otherwise dull city into a vibrant colour-splash. Nowhere is this more true than in Chile’s capital city, Santiago.

The artisan neighbourhood of BellaVista is probably the best place to appreciate the street art of Santiago; this bohemian barrio was once home to the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, and the area is still notable for its art and craft markets today. Taking a walk around the narrow streets will inspire, excite, and stimulate your creative side.

Here is a selection of my favourite photographs from BellaVista:

Have you ever been anywhere notable for street art? Which picture is your favourite? Share in the comment below!

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  1. […] street art is illegal in Chile, the government seems to turn a blind eye when it comes to the Barrio Bellavista  –  the thriving center of the Chilean street art […]

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