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Surviving the Jungle

As you may know, I once went to the jungle (if you didn’t you can read all about it here) but that was the jungle in Vietnam; to be honest it seemed to be more like a forest than a jungle, and the worst creature I encountered was a leech. But when you’re in South America you have to visit the mother of all forests – the Amazon Rainforest. Read about my jungle experience on my guest post for the awesome Girls Who Get Around website by clicking here

While you’re waiting for the page to load then I’ll leave you with some pictures of jungle birds and beasts.

Turtles - don't you love the way they sit on top of each other?
Eagle in Flight
Spider Monkey
Alligator in the Water
Alligator on the banks of the River Beni
Tarantula sheltering in a tree
The Campsite Toad

Check out my video of the jungle:


If you want to read my post about the jungle then don’t forget to head on over to the awesome Girls Who Get Around

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