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I was delighted to be nominated by Brooke vs. the World for the 7 Links project so here are my seven links.

Who wouldn't want to wake up here?

My most beautiful postA Woman’s Work

This was a photo essay, which never do particularly well on my site (maybe I’m just a bad photographer!), but I think it is a beautiful post in honour of the incredibly hard-working women of Vietnam. I wonder how much recognition they get in their daily lives?

My most popular postFree to Travel: How I Broke Free from Debt

I suppose anybody who wants to travel is interested in money saving tips and, unfortunately, many people are in debt these days. I trained for 4 years and have 10 years teaching experience behind me now so I am in a lucky position where I can work in International schools anywhere in the world and receive a higher salary and better benefits than ESL teaching, but I think the motivation behind my desire to break out of debt struck many people. It was also the first post that I wrote that was deeply personal which I think readers warm to.

My most controversial postThe Tie that Binds

I haven’t really done controversial on my blog yet as I’m trying to gain more readers! I suppose a very early post where I explore the difference in ‘Professional Wear’ in British and Swedish schools could have provoked some traditionalists. It didn’t seem to though.

My most helpful postA Close Call in Nha Trang

In this post I offer tips for staying safe when travelling in Nha Trang, possibly the most likely place in Vietnam to encounter dangers and annoyances.

A post whose success surprised youI had LASIK Surgery in Vietnam

I don’t really know why this one was so popular, many people reacted with surprise that I had surgery of this nature in Vietnam of all places. I was nervous but never really afraid of having the operation, maybe I put too much faith in professionals?! I’m just pleased I have 20-20 vision again!

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deservedSt.Petersburg, No Visa Required

I’ve always wanted to visit Russia but have been put off by stories about how obtaining a visa is a complicated and expensive process so I was really excited when I discovered that I could travel to Russia cheaply and without having to apply for a visa beforehand. It seems that nobody else was that interested, the post received no retweets or comments.

The post that you are most proud ofThe Arctic Journals #4 Aurora Borealis

I am most proud of this post because witnessing the Northern Lights has been number one on my Bucket List for many years and writing about it consolidated my achievement. It was also around this time that I decided to turn my blog from a diary about my life in Sweden into a travel blog.

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  1. This is a great list. Congrats!

    1. Thank you very much!

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