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The Eden Project: A Rainforest Without Bugs!

If you want to experience the rainforest’s exotic flora and fauna, but are terrified of bugs, then the Eden Project is for you!

There are many cool things to do and see in Cornwall, but the Eden Project is highly recommended. Whether you are environmentally concerned, interested in biology, or just looking for a great day out, it’s the perfect tourist attraction.

Giant sunflowers in the Mediterranean biome
Giant sunflowers in the Mediterranean biome

Conceptually, Eden began life as a quarry, but became one of the UK’s landmark Millennium projects. It opened to the public in 2001. Now, the Eden Project is a charity, educational centre, social enterprise, and a beloved tourist attraction.

Diverse vegetation at the Eden Project

Eden is exactly what the name implies: a Garden of Eden paradise, bounteous with lush green vegetation, flowering plants and cascading waterfalls. There are two ‘biomes’—huge golf ball-like domes—one hosting an artificial rainforest, and the other a more temperate Mediterranean zone complete with regional plants. In fact, the rainforest biome is the world’s largest greenhouse.

Eden Project Biomes
Biomes up close

Britain gave me her best weather when I visited Eden (not that it matters inside the biomes), making the walk down particularly enjoyable. We walked slowly, stopping to look at a range of plants and exhibits.

Eden Project: Exhibits in the Mediterranean biome
Exhibits in the Mediterranean biome

Environmental awareness

Eden actively promotes environmental awareness and sustainable living. Rainwater flushes all the toilets, they offer a range of recycling facilities, and there are solar panels throughout the site. They even waive the entrance fee for cyclists.

My favourite section is the rainforest biome, particularly the treetop walkways which offer a bird’s eye view of the vegetation. It is easy to imagine you are walking through the Amazon rainforest.

Looking down from the Eden Project treetop walkway
Looking down from the treetop walkway
Waterfall in the rainforest biome
Waterfall in the rainforest biome
Furry plants in the rainforest biome
Furry plants in the rainforest biome

After walking around this large site, you’ll be hungry, and, unlike many tourist attractions, Eden delivers with high quality products. All the ingredients are locally sourced, of course. I had a chorizo beef-burger with sweet potato fries that were every bit as delicious as it looks!

Chorizo burger and sweet potato fries at Eden Project

In addition, Eden looks fantastic from the viewing platform above, or even from the flying fox if you’re feeling brave!

Looking out over the Eden Project
Looking out over the garden of Eden

Overall, my favourite thing about visiting the Eden Project was experiencing the rainforest without worrying about bugs. Eden hosts great seasonal activities, check out their website for more details.

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  1. All I needed to do was read the title of this blog post and I knew I would need to add this place to my bucket list. I love the idea of visiting the rainforest but I absolutely CANNOT stand bugs. This sounds like the best of both worlds!

    1. I think so too, I hate bugs!

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