So Long, Sweden! I’m Going To Miss You. Four years ago I moved to Sweden; a country often associated with long, cold, snowy winters. But, little did I know that after the harsh winter Swedes are rewarded with beautiful summers where the sun shines all day long. In the height of summer the sky barely darkens in Stockholm – my home for the last two years. Whilst I am very excited about my new adventures in Mumbai, I am saddened to leave Sweden (although I know I will return) and these are the things I will miss the most. Water, Water, Everywhere Lonely tree. VaxholmIn Sweden, you are never far from water, and in a city so expensive it is always good to have the option of walking by the water for free!

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go to link Arctic Ice I already know that when the winter comes, and my Swedish friends are posting pictures of the white stuff that I will be jealous. There is nothing more beautifully bleak than landscapes like this.

follow Sunsets Of course, I am going to see stunning sunsets in India, but I have never seen such vibrant sunsets as those I have seen in Sweden. I don’t know whether it is because scandinavian air is so clear that they are more vibrant, or because they are not as commonly seen, but they are truly spectacular.

get link photo (1) Greenery: Trees & Parks

tanned naked oiled outside 10402633_10152088037425741_6158089604303818405_n When I lived in Tokyo and Saigon I missed trees and parks. They existed in those places, but they are not the same as European trees and parks. City vegetation in Asia is not lush, green and inviting like it is in Sweden.

pinay celebrity porn movies Vikings

free porn cartoons fucking Viking stonesI’m a history geek who has always been fascinated by the Vikings. They are the original travellers and expats, after all. I don’t think it is a coincidence that I am drawn to them. I have loved living in a country strewn with relics from the Viking era.

follow site So long, Sweden. I’m going to miss you!

watch What do you miss when you travel, or move overseas? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed the post please share.

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  1. posted by
    John @ Imperative Travel
    Jul 29, 2014 Reply

    Sweden is one of the most attractive countries in the world. There are many places in Sweden.

    • posted by
      Runaway Brit
      Aug 6, 2014 Reply

      It really is a very beautiful country, and there’s so much left of it that I have yet to see too. I love the way that the whole character changes from winter to summer – like two totally different places.

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