Perfect Peaks. A #FriFotos Photo Essay

While looking through my photographs in order to participate in this week's #FriFotos, which has the theme of 'Peaks', I realised something. I have not spent nearly enough time in the mountains. I love mountains,

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Five Fabulous Natural Wonders (And three I’d Like To See)

There are so many different lists about the Seven Wonders of the World that it is pretty difficult to remember which ones are actually on the official lists, but this post is not about the

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Read Your Way Around The World

Travel books don’t necessarily have to be books written by travellers, most of the books that have inspired me to travel are novels in which the setting is important to the atmosphere of the book.

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My Top Five Asian ‘Chill-Out’ Destinations

Travelling is all about taking time out of the craziness of modern life to experience new cultures, meet new people and to reflect.  Here is a selection of my favourite places for peace, tranquility and

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